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In true fitness rebel form, I’m going to challenge you to be the SAME YOU.SAME. BADASS. YOU.this year.

That “YOU” got you here today. The body your soul was born into is the only one you are lucky enough to travel through life in. Take a moment, walk to the closest mirror, look at yourself and repeat the following: “I love you. You are everything I need. And you are enough.”


Your feelings become your thoughts. Your thoughts become things. Your words become reality.

You know the feeling, when you’re rocking out to music so hard that your eyes close, lyrics come screaming out of your mouth and all you can feel is pure, uninhibited joy? I challenge you to live your life in the same manner and operate from that same exact place. I challenge you to speak kindly to yourself, share words of love and acceptance and operate from pure positive JOY as much as you can – and even in dark times. Know that lows would not be understood as lows, without the joy of our highs.


It's Time To ...

TUNE IN to your truth, to the music, the magic, the positivity, the good humans around you, your inner strength and your inner ROCKSTAR.


TURN IT UP. Turn YOU up – the real you, the authentic, the messy, the mistake-making, not-afraid to fumble – because that’s what makes us human – YOU.


And ROCK OUT. Rock out like time is fleeting. Like it’s the most valuable currency we have. ROCK OUT – Like your life depends on it. Take up all the space in this world that you need!

Find yourself. In the people around you, in the struggles you face, in the mirror you look into. Find yourself and then fall in love with you all over again.

I challenge you to Fall in LOVE With POUND at First Strike! 


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